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Our Beer

Esméralda - Pale Wheat Ale 
5.2% ABV 
Hoppy wheat pale ale; smooth, floral, and super sessionable. Esméralda is the beautiful love-
child of a super hoppy and juicy IPA and an easy drinking and smooth wheat beer. A massive 
dose of tropical new-world hops present aromas and flavors of mango, tangerine, and 
passionfruit. Esméralda's restrained bitterness, soft and fluffy mouthfeel, and reasonable abv
make her a sessionable masterpiece meant to be enjoyed over and over. 

Djali - American IPA 
7% ABV 
West Coast style IPA brewed with East Coast influence. Djali showcases tropical citrus aromas 
with a subtle and sweet malt backbone accompanied by a full-body mouthfeel and just the right 
amount of bitterness. 

Ramblin' Man - Milk Stout 
7.5% ABV 
Deliciously smooth sweet stout with rich malt flavors and pleasant notes of vanilla and 
chocolate. Not a fan of dark beer? Ramblin' Man is guaranteed to turn your anti-stout bias on
its head! Stout enthusiasts, sit back and enjoy! 

Wicked Sauce - New England IPA 
6.5% ABV 
Wicked Sauce is a juicy New England style IPA bursting with Mosaic and Citra hops. Slightly 
hazy in appearance, it emits the aromatic qualities of grapefruit and mango on the nose with 
dank flavors of juicy tropical fruit, melon, peach, and hints of pine. All of that flavor and aroma is
accentuated with a light and crisp malt character, subdued bitterness, and a soft, effervescent 

Four-Letter Word - Belgian Quad 
9.5% ABV 
Trappist inspired, Four-Letter Word brings a bit of Belgium to the Garden State. This Belgian 
Quadruple Ale is a marvelous deep amber and a sneakily easy-drinker packing a punch with 
great strength and even bolder flavor. The superb combination of specialty malts, dark fruity 
flavors, and a beautiful attenuating yeast make this complex brew a house favorite. 

Wanderling Wit - Witbier 
5.6% ABV 
Fruity and refreshing, Wanderling is our classic take on the Belgian Witbier style highlighting the 
flavors of coriander, orange peel, and Belgian yeast. 

Maximus Decimus Meridius - Imperial Stout 
13% ABV 
Dark and delicious, this imperial stout will definitely get your attention. An intense mix of
chocolate, vanilla, and caramel accompanied by hints of smoked and charred oak make this 
imperial brew one to remember. 

Amor Gitana - Blood Orange Pale Ale 
5.5% ABV 
Funky blood orange pale ale with the perfect blend of citrus, bitterness, and northwest hops. 

Basic B*tch Pumpkin Ale - Imperial Pumpkin Ale 
8.3% ABV 
Despite its name, this complex imperial pumpkin ale is anything but basic. Pumpkin pie in a 
glass, Basic B*tch will warm you up as the weather gets colder with autumn aromatics of
cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and clove... and it is absolutely jam-packed with pumpkin! 

Thackery Binx - Pumpkin Stout 
7.2% ABV 
This smooth and creamy pumpkin stout is a nice seasonal change of pace from the more 
traditional pumpkin ales. Thackery Binx is an imperial sweet stout packed with pumpkin and
balanced with the pleasant aromas and taste of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and vanilla. 

The Big Aristotle - Brown Sugar Strong Ale 

9.4% ABV
This dry-hopped imperial brown sugar ale throws all style guidelines out the window! A unique 
palate-pleaser perfect for the fall, tipping the scales at a whopping 9.4% ABV! From this day on
it'd like to be known as "The Big Aristotle".